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The Wayless Way
of Gaining Knowledge in Music

The Listener as Philosopher – as Lover of Truth

The listener loves truth; this is why he strives for it. And when, eventually, he reaches and perceives the truth – or in other words: when truth unfolds before his mental eye in more and more glorious musical forms – the listener attracts truth closer and closer to himself and finally unites with it without having to take a single step outside.

The Philosophical Act of Classical Music

Thus, through true classical music we are not only confirmed as a seeker of truth, but first of all we are systematically enabled and encouraged to absolutely allure truth.

Knowing the Object in Music

While the scientific system of philosophy, and of science respectively, proved of value for supporting the gaining of knowledge only indirectly – because it only paraphrases and differentiates the objects of knowledge – music directly depicts that, what in the system of philosophy, and in science respectively, is only described, and relates it to our intuitive faculty of comprehending reality.