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Responsible Authorship

Music Analysis

Simply by ascertaining how pleasant his own musical thought is to himself, his feeling informs the tone creator about the effect of his thought on its surroundings.

Thus, through the process of feeling, the discriminating intellect of the musical creator analyzes the effect of his musical thought on its environment.

The faculty of understanding of his intellect analyzes the spectrum of his musical thought, and identifies the emotional parameters which impel it.

His intellect, with the help of the feeling inherent in it, examines the integration of these musical parameters and determines the harmonious development of the composition.

The inner musical event, as perceived by the sense of hearing, is the sounding testimony for it, and in the musical event it bears witness to human feeling and understanding.

The Function of the Musical Sound-Space

Thus, the composer uses his mind as a medium to portray the musical sound-space: to describe his own subjective sphere.

In this way, for the musical creator, the objective musical sound-space, that which sounds inside, becomes the instrument for describing the subjective in general.

The Function of Musical Thinking

The natural process of creating music arises all by itself, and it ends with the musical creator performing, and simultaneously listening, to his own concert within himself.

The tone creator submits this process of his musical thinking to the natural, innermost control of his feeling and understanding, and this is his own inner act of will.

The Inner Act of Cognition

This conscious, inner tone-creating act in the field of cognition of the tone artist becomes later on a manifold inspiration for the music lover striving towards universal joy of life:
  1. manifold in terms of the art of confidently striding through the infinity of his human abilities;

  2. manifold in terms of the course of unfoldment
    of his human character;

  3. manifold in terms of overcoming obstacles during
    the growth of his character.

Controlling the Musical Orders

In this way a manifold structure of musical orders originates within the tone creator’s inner world of cognition, and his organizing understanding, under the guidance of his feeling, directs this inner musical course of evolution.