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Empirical Gaining Knowledge in Music

The Three Great Steps of the Listener towards Truth

Classical music knows different steps of empirical gaining knowledge. Basically, we distinguish:

purely comprehending the musical reality,

          judging the musical truth,

          and the determined musical path to knowledge

From the Musical Sound-Space to the Motif-Space

For the listener, the systematic road to knowledge begins in the musical sound-space, where he hears the sounding musical work.

By means of his faculty of logic he gathers step by step from this composition the musical meaning: he enters – coming from the musical sound-space – the world of the motif-space.

On the level of his physiology – pictured in the musical tone space – he recognizes the inner individual motivating forces lying at the basis of this body of his.

Here, at first, he experiences these his inner individual motivating forces through the unfolding of a single motif, but then through the unfoldment of more and more motifs.

The Musical Path to Ever More Fulfilling Fields of Experience

In this process of gaining knowledge in music, the music listener starting from the musical sound-space reaches finer and finer fields of the musical logic, of the truth conveyed in music and so attains to more and more fulfilling fields of experience.

The Journey to the Depth of the Musical Meaning

This increase in joy comes about because the music, as it progresses, discreetly leads the listener indeed, seduces him with skilled persuasion to open himself to the fields of higher musical order, and this opening himself starts the gradual unfoldment of his own inner energies of life and intelligence of cognition.

On the Way of Unfolding Individual Power

Perceiving the own, higher energies available to him now gives the listener the feeling of greater own inner power.
And this increased inner sense of power casts a stronger aura of fulfillment around him.